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Neurologic is a podcast produced by autistic Leo Jones about autism, autistic advocacy & self-advocacy, issues of importance to autistics and the autistic community, and much more.

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30 Days of Autism Acceptance Challenge - Day 7: Favorite Autistic Blog(s)

Apr 9, 2019

I am switching day 7 and 8, as the day 7 topic - The Autism Community - is not as easy to write about, and frankly, I've got a lot to discuss. In the meantime, enjoy!

Below is a decent list of great blogs and pages to follow, but by no means complete nor in any order. I cannot pick just one favorite.

#AbledsAreWeird offers a brilliant taste of the everyday crap people with disabilities deal with.

The Accessible Stall Podcast
The Accessible Stall is a podcast that keeps it real about disability. Hosted by Emily Ladau and Kyle Khachadurian.

Autistic Lincs - Lincolnshire Free Press (Based in the UK)
The go-to place for all things Autistic Lincs including discussions on local and national issues, live video sessions, as well as the featured Autistic Lincs articles.

Neurodivergent Rebel
Rebelling against a culture of assimilation over individuality. #OpenlyAutistic writer, speaker, & artist. Want to know about #autism? - try #AskingAutistics!

Radical Neurodivergence Speaking
An abrupt, blunt, clear and direct blog that is very poignant and to the point.

Autistic Hoya
Excellent blog that started out focused on autism but has grown to include diverse perspectives and ways of being.

Unashamed Voices of Autism
A blog project where autistic adults & adolescents have a “mic” to say something uplifting & empowering to the autism community.

Growing Up Aspie
A comic about the struggles/benefits of growing up Autistic in a Neurotypical world.

The Neurotypical Wife
“I'm the autistic and otherwise neurodivergent wife of someone living with neurotypicalness. I treat him the way that some of you people treat your kids and it's totally okay!”

Giraffe Party
Created by an autistic writer in her mid-30s who lives in Southern California, as a way to give non-autistic people insight as to how she processes, why she is the way she is, how to help their kids/students/friends, as well as networking with fellow autistic individuals.

Agony Autie
31 year old Autistic presenter & advocate. Diagnosed Ehlers Danlos, POTs, Endomitriosis & PCOS Videos, Interviews, Speeches, Lectures and Talks on Autistic Identity, Advocacy, Health, Wellbeing, Culture & Pride #stimdancing

WE ARE HERE: a collection of autistic voices
We are here. We have been here all along. Autistic people are a natural part of human biodiversity, and we are here to express ourselves in our own way.

Nick Walker's notes on neurodiversity, autism, and cognitive liberty