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Neurologic is a podcast produced by autistic Leo Jones about autism, autistic advocacy & self-advocacy, issues of importance to autistics and the autistic community, and much more.

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From The Desk of Neurologic

Oct 26, 2018

Truly, what differences and changes a year makes.

Over a year ago, I started Neurologic as an outlet for my advocacy, a way to remain an autistic activist while exploring issues and topics that surface among the autistic and autism communities. Podcasting seemed to be the less traveled road, with very few autistic podcasters broadcasting their shows (at least that could be searched) and the format itself consistent in its growing popularity.

However, between learning how to edit audio recordings, securing interviews, researching topics and issues for episodes, and dealing with life obligations (school, work, etc) - it's definitely been a challenging endeavor.....but it's worth it.

Between learning more about neurodiversity, the autistic community, and the accomplishments - as well as trials - of autistics across the world, Neurologic has become something of a conduit to not only transmit what we as autistics are advocating for, but also to gain knowledge and understanding of why.

Starting this month, Neurologic will begin blogging to supplement episodes, improve content and more frequently post about issues that are very important to us as autistics. Adding this visual component will hopefully also improve the accessibility of content produced and make it easier to share with others.

Does this mean fewer podcast episodes? No. I'm not planning on recording less; however, securing guests for interviews and episodes has recently become more difficult due to scheduling conflicts, which also hurts the timeliness of the topic they're joining me to discuss. After all, conversing about Autism Acceptance Month in August would be quite odd and not very timely.
Blogging will enable the space to be more consistent with Neurologic's content and free up more time to record better, in-depth episodes with unique guests that have a variety of perspectives in the autistic and autism communities.

Where Neurologic has focused on trying to release at least 1-2 episodes a month, blog posts will be more frequent - but also less scheduled than the podcasts. But don't worry; all blog posts will be available here, and also shared on Neurologic's facebook page:

As always, I welcome any questions, comments, concerns, recommendations and more; you can reach Neurologic through the facebook page above, in the comment section below, or via e-mail:

Your host,

Leo Jones