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Neurologic is a podcast produced by autistic Leo Jones about autism, autistic advocacy & self-advocacy, issues of importance to autistics and the autistic community, and much more.

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Apr 26, 2018

In celebration of Autism Acceptance Month, this episode talks about autistic women - more specifically, WITH them - regarding the disparity in diagnoses in comparison to males, masking or camouflaging their autistic traits, lopsided discrimination and bigoted skepticism towards their diagnosis by many in modern society. Just how many autistic women are there, really? Is autism a disorder that majorly affects straight, white men, or have we been just that damn terrible with correctly diagnosing autistic women? Is it too much to ask of parents of autistic sons to stop trying to hook them up with an autistic woman they just met?

Joining Leo Jones to answer some of those questions is Elizabeth, an autistic woman who, in addition to being a visible activist, runs her own music therapy business, her primary clients being autistics.